Expert Repairs

To Repair or Replace is a question that gets easier to answer at Sports Unlimited.  Our knowledgeable shop technicians use the latest cutting edge tools and methods to repair and/or customize your equipment. We have earned the reputation for being the go to place for repairs by Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Inline hockey and Lacrosse athletes from all over the GTA.


  • There is little we can’t repair or bring back to life.

SKATE REPAIRS AND MODIFICATIONS (get the most out of your skates):

  • New Holders (All brands)
  • New Runners (All brands)
  • New eyelets – Replace bent or missing eyelets (Damaged eyelets wear laces quicker)
  • Tighten runners – Runners come loose over time from normal skate wear.
  • Boot stretching – We can stretch width and even length of skates for improved fit and comfort.
  • Boot bumping – Can bump skates out at bone or bone spur areas (All feet are different!).
  • Tuff toeing – Tuff toe skates to give them longer life and better resale ability.
  • Skate baking – Bake most types of skates for custom fit and quicker break in period. Older skates are ‘cold lasted’ and not meant to be put in the oven.
  • Blade alignment – Puts the skater’s center of gravity directly over the blade to maximize efficiency.  Aligning your blades will correct pronation and supination.
  • Blade heighten – add height to holders to increase pitch


  • Tuff toeing – Tuff toe baseball shoes as an effective replacement to pitchers toes
  • Pitcher Toe Installation
  • Glove re-lacing


  • Tighten Strings
  • Re-string Heads
  • Replace Head string
  • Replace and cut shafts

One of our professionally trained Shop Technicians would be pleased to offer an assessment to help you with that decision i.e. Repair or Replace!