Skate Fitting

We at Sports Unlimited understand what an athlete needs in a skate to perform at their best and with the highest level of comfort. From beginner to pro.  Our staff have been trained by the best in the industry.  We have what it takes to make sure you get the fit and performance you deserve.

The many different foot types combined with the variety of skating strides and preferences are critical assessments that our trained knowledgeable professionals will cover:

  • Our staff get to know the customer and what their needs are. (i.e. level of play and competitiveness, position as well as skating style).
  • There are many different types of feet and what skates and fitting procedures that are available to accommodate the best fit.
  • It is important to understand any visible bumps, toe types, pronation or supination and the curves of the foot that the customer may have.
  • Effectively measuring the customer’s foot to match size and skate that best accommodates their foot.
  • Proper Skate Depth and Ankle Position, Heel Lock, Length and Width ensures the right fit for the customer.
  • Recommending any accessories like superior insoles (Superfeet) compared to the stock model that comes with the skates.
  • After the proper skate and fit has been determined it is recommended that the boot be heat molded to assist in the fit and break in period all skates go through.
  • We at Sports Unlimited strive to make purchasing a new pair of skates a positive experience.
  • It is our duty and passion to ensure that our customer leaves our store with the best fit and maximum
    performance from there skates.

Please see Skate Care for the last critical step i.e. proper blade and skate preparation for your  new skates.